Oscar Special: Life of Pi and Other Picks

Pi and Richard Parker, a tiger, on a boat at sea.

Pi and Richard Parker, a tiger, on a boat at sea.

The Oscars are today so I will be reviewing the only Best Picture nomination I saw, Life of Pi. I couldn’t review the other Best Picture nominees because they’re PG-13 or R and I can’t see them. Some of them are violent or have bad words and my mom won’t let me.

Life of Pi is about a boy who survives a ship that sank and his life after that. In this movie, Ang Lee tells a very good story. It also has a CGI tiger. CGI is sort of like animation but they use stuff to make stuff look real. The special effects are beautiful. I saw it twice. Everybody should see this movie.


I saw all the nominees for Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short. My favorite for animated feature was Wreck-It Ralph because it’s funny and it has great animation and I really like how they put all the old video game characters into one movie. For animated short, I liked Paperman. Adam and Dog and Head Over Heels I didn’t understand.



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