Benjamin’s Oscar Predictions

12-Years-A-Slave-Movie 2

Patsey protecting Solomon Northup in the only clip I saw from 12 Years a Slave.


It?s that time of year to see our favorite movies win awards. This year I had a problem. I couldn?t see any of the movies because all of them were PG-13 or R. So I looked through the nominees, I read reviews in Entertainment Weekly, read about past winners and I made some predictions. This is what I came up with.

Best Picture: Voters will probably pick Gravity for its mind-blowing special effects, sound effects and cinematography (Note from his administrative assistant, aka mom – I about lost it when he said “mind-blowing special effects.” I swear he really said that. He even spelled cinematography correctly. But lost the third-grade spelling bee on “sketch.” If he liked drawing as much as movies, we’d be on ESPN right now)? and Sandra Bullock?s performance. 12 Years a Slave will win over Gravity though because the Academy doesn?t go for science fiction movies. Neither Star Wars or District 9 won Best Picture when they were nominated. (Momnote: I have no idea what District 9 is. Where does he get this stuff?)

Best Animated Feature: I can actually see these movies. Except for The Wind Rises, which is PG-13. Frozen?will probably win because Disney movies usually win. I saw Frozen?and I really liked the music and the story. It had great characters.

Best Animated Short: I saw all of these movies. I think Get a Horse will pull Disney fans to the ballot or Mr. Hublot for those people in France and science fiction/future fans. My pick is Mr. Hublot because I really liked the world they created.

Best Actor: Even though Bruce Dern was nominated for an Oscar for 1979?s Coming Home, (Momnote: forget?ESPN, we’re going on Jeopardy) but Matthew McConaughey lost 50 pounds for his role as Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyer?s Club, which is considered the ?Oscar goes to? for the Academy. (Momnote: And how I finally get back into my cute jeans.)

Best Actress: Easily Cate Blanchett will win for her role in Blue Jasmine because Ann Hornaday and Entertainment Weekly think she will win. Ann Hornaday is the Washington Post film critic. Cate Blanchett also won the Golden Globe. If you win a Golden Globe, it usually means you might win at the Oscars.


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