The Avengers


The Avengers poised to save Earth, or at least New York City.


The Avengers is about all the superheroes teaming up to defeat Thor’s evil brother Loki. Thor doesn’t want his brother hurt in the beginning but he gets on the good side after he realizes Loki is going to attack Earth. Loki stole the Tesserach and the Tesserach is something that…I forgot what it does.?Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) goes to get the superheroes to save the world.?Chris Evans is Captain America and Mark Ruffalo is the Incredible Hulk. They do a good job being sort of funny but not really really funny. It’s better to see it in 3D because it’s cooler in 3D. There is a lot of action. If you’re a superhero fan, you’re going to like this movie.


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