About Benjamin

Benjamin is a little boy who loves movies. I’m not sure I can explain exactly how much. When he was three, he asked me what my favorite Disney movie was. I said Cars. He said, “No, that’s a Disney PIXAR movie.” At age four, he stunned a stranger in a restaurant who, probably thinking Benjamin’s bright yellow firechief rainslicker was part of the reply, asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Benjamin, without missing a beat, answered, “A movie critic.” In kindergarten, he taught himself to read words like “Inception” by memorizing movie listings from the Sunday paper. At six, he can tell you days of the week for far-off dates because he counts out the future by Friday movie releases. (And Tuesdays. He tracks DVDs, too.) He regularly speculates on which film will win the weekend box office and, over Cheerios, decided things would turn out fine for Steven Spielberg because War Horse and The Adventures of TinTin were out at the same time. When Benjamin asked me for his own website–and listed from memory?James McAvoy’s? supporting roles (I’ll wait while you Google)–it seemed like it was probably time, even though he still can’t tie his shoes (my fault, I buy velcro). Benjamin’s Movie Reviews is a joint production of a little boy with a giant passion and a mommy (that’s me) who loves him more than anything in the world (as proof, I offer that I have paid full ticket price to see THREE movies starring singing chipmunks) and is made possible by someone with technological wizardry and kindness to spare (to whom I now owe a pony, a puppy, and a beat-up Prius).

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